Why Oriel Research?

Oriel Research is what I was looking for when my son was fighting cancer. I searched for a reliable place where I could find treatments that may work best for my son.

Occasionally, a family member, work colleague or a friend reached out to me, asking for the same advice that I was looking for: a treatment that might work best to stop or stall their cancer.

In the last few years, I changed my career path from an entrepreneur in the hi-tech industry to a wet lab biologist and a bioinformatician to pursue this challenge.

My first initiative dev.tumorportal.org brings together cancer genomics information and clinical data to the patients, physicians and researchers in a novel way.

dev.tumorportal.org won the first place at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Scientific retreat contest.

Oriel Research will provide a systematic data driven model to answer the question that every patient and physician ask right after the diagnostic moment; are there patients out there that were treated for similar disease, what therapy worked best for these patients?

I am looking forward to working with you on better therapy treatment choices for patients around the world.

All the best,

Eila Arich-Landkof, eila@orielresearch.org